Saturday, December 13, 2008

I want those days back, when...
I wasn't lied to.
I wasn't just another 'anybody' in certain people's lives.
I wasn't afraid to trust.
I wasn't scared of being alone.
I wasn't on the receiving end of being betrayed.

But sadly, i can't turn back time. And i can't have it my way.
I guess that's just life.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

They have this way of creeping up behind you, and biting you when you don't need them the most. But nonetheless, they give you a chance to grow. Everyone has them, in every relationship. Yet most often they make you nervous, and to avoid them you do stupid things. For instance, i panic every time there's a difference in opinion. But i've learnt that tackle them with ease, and you'll definitely prove your point. Cause end of the day, you only learn from them. Differences. They give you a chance to see for yourself, who sticks around and loves you inspite of them.