Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cyclone Layla is being extremely persistent. As the rain continues with no intension to stop, i can't help feeling just a little bit relieved to be rid of the heat. Even if it's just for a little while. Now, thats not to say that I'm missing out on my share of fun in the usual 40 odd degrees of dry heat, cause i'm totally not.
Chennai has been very kind to me so far. My internship, yes the same one i was so worried about, has been awesome! I love that it has made me more confident and open to learning. I'm happy to say that basement 24 has become an integral part of my daily routine here :)10 Downing Street has become my other constant hangout spot. From meeting new people to 60's of whiskey, from occasional parking lot visits to the hustle, it's not a wonder that i love the bloody place. Frankly, comfortable-feel-at-home partying doesn't get any better than this. Just for the record, I've started a new funny book. It's rather exciting you know, just the whole prospect of continuing with something I started in 2008. Moving on, I can't believe in all my time here, I've only gone to the beach once! Okay, twice. Although the second time went on to become a 'find out which lane you parked your car in' thing. Not fun, let me tell you, especially when factors like the surrounding creepy wilderness and darkness were involved.
As I gaze ahead at nothing in particular (I say nothing in particular because the thick downpour in addition to my restricted vision does not enable me to focus on anything, really) I miss my Hyderabad. As much as I love my job, the people, the partying and the freedom, there is indeed truth in the saying that 'home is where the heart lies' :) As I type this last line, it seems that Cyclone Layla has decided to stay on for longer and cause us great inconvenience. So. It is time I go and figure out how to work my way around her wrath and make it to 10D tonight :)