Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nitty-Gritties of the PR world

1. Always and I mean always carry a notebook. Nevermind if you have the world's best retention power, you still need to write it down.

2. Every detail matters.

3. Listen. Even if you're bored out of your mind. If you don't, be sure it will come back to bite you.

4. Observe. Not the peeling wall paper or chipped glass desk, but the person talking. The layout of the office, the hierarchy followed, etc.

5. Be confident and contribute to the conversation. No one likes a mute duck staring at you from the other side of the table.

6. Don't drool at the sight of food. It's not an endearing quality.

7. Remember names, positions and publications.

8. If you're not pushy and persistent, you can be sure your work will not be done.

9. Be up to date with current issues. From politics, markets and shares to prices of commodities and new ventures.

10. That thing called comfort zone? Yeah, get out of it.

11. Don't expect weekdays and holidays and miracles in the form of bandhs.

12. Deadlines and consequences go hand in hand.

13. Working under pressure is a part of the job, the sooner you realize that, the better.

14. Think before you speak.

15. Your phone must be recharged at all times.

16. Before getting into a meeting, go over the talk points and agenda in your head. It's good to have all the answers.

17. Impeccable presentation, formatting and neat documents are important.

18. The small jobs matter. While you may think it's insignificant and a waste of time, it really isn't.

19. Good relations means a happy client and a happy agency.

20. Your client is your baby. You must know them to the point of predictable. And always, always deliver.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Like Crazy

Like Crazy directed by Drake Doremus is a story about a young couple battling to keep their relationship together while in two different countries. Shot in an unconventional manner with random and abrupt scenes, it tells the heartbreaking story of two lives entwined and yet, detached. I personally loved the way it seemed like the lifespan of their relationship was covered in just ninety minutes. The protagonists Anna and Jacob meet right in the beginning with a huge mug of coffee, whiskey and a connection. It tactfully steers to moments of their relationship, after that initial meeting, as they bask in the beginning of young love - walking wrapped close to each other, the beach, their feet touching. Facing an inevitable parting due to overstaying her visa, Anna goes back to UK and things go downhill from there. The struggle of the characters to live their respective lives while constantly returning to one another is truly moving. What's more is the way their hapless situation results in a drift that you as an audience, wish would never happen. Desperate and frustrated, they get married with the hope that after a six month wait, they will be reunited for good. Unfortunately, the reigns they try to control and told onto tightly, slip from within their grasp once again.
From this articulately depicted film, you are reminded that love is a fragile and complicated feeling. And as much as you hope that they end up together in the end, emerging victorious on the other side - the director craftily leaves that to you, while Anna walks away from Jacob.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

You'll need to down a few Cocktails to get through this one!

Cocktail was a disappointing waste of time. I'm sorry, it really was. No doubt it was marketed extremely well, what with the appealing promos and the good looking star cast. The movie on the other hand was predictable to the point of ridiculous. The jokes were far from funny, the story was typical and the acting was a rather rookie affair. Truth be told, I only sat through it because the best friend and I laughed and cussed at all the wrong times (a distraction to be thankful for). Oh but the clothes. Boy, do the clothes deserve a mention! Maybe even a separate place in the credit roll. They were to die for. All in all, the movie was a 2, credit to the good looking cast, cities and parties. And the clothes were a  perfect 10.

(Spot on:

Friday, July 20, 2012

A dream within a dream

When I was little I was fascinated by the thingamajig that hung above my bed. Later, I was told that in Native American culture, a dreamcatcher is used as a charm to protect sleeping children from bad dreams. Made of a hoop, with a woven/netted centre and feathers and beads, this ancient symbol always intrigued me. When I was 19, I stumbled upon an artsy sketch of a dreamcatcher and instantly knew it was going to be my tattoo. Today, it is very much a part of who I am. I'd like to think that all things that come my way are filtered in accordance to the age old belief -the bad things getting caught in the net and burning away with the light of day and the good things sliding down the feathers, to be retained. Hence, it is only fitting that it is a part of my blog.

Cupcakes and Cashmere, anybody?

It's a cold and breezy Friday evening, my piping hot chai in the orange ceramic cup is almost done, I can almost hear the drizzle turn heavier and....I'm in the mood to type. So, I shall continue to do so furiously and not stop until my glossy nail paint has chipped off or it's time to go home (which ever comes first).
My current obsession at work is Emily Schuman's blog. Not only is the name ( so luring, but the pictures and content is just brilliant. I dare you to read two posts and stop. No, really! This bloody amazing (for lack of better words) blog has found a permanent place in my sea of tabs and what's more, it is most frequently opened. I literally have to force myself to close it and get back to my daily tasks. To begin with, it's good looking. Simple white background, but still, just good looking. Like an ordinary looking boy who just catches your eye and there's no explaining why. Then there are adroitly taken pictures which make you want to jump right into the frame and lap up all that colour and be a part of that perfect shot. The writing is not elaborate or ostentatious, rather, it allows the pictures to speak. I'm running out of words to explain why I'm hopelessly taken by this blog- probably because it's so well assembled and tasteful and...perfect for any time of the day or night.
So C&C combined with my exhilaration that it is a Friday (yay weekend) has compelled me to come to a decision - my blog is getting a makeover. I think I've over and done with my 'dark' and mournful days. I don't know what it is about being a teenager and living in a big dark hole of self pity. And I suppose, inadvertently, it reflects in your blog layout, the theme, the dark portions with slashing rays of bright light. In short, now that I've bid my teenage years goodbye, it's high time I make this blog a little more aesthetically pleasing. I feel truly sorry for you readers who were sucked into this tenebrous theme. So, while I get on to that, you should go do the needful - go to and share a little of my joy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting a job was always of top priority to me. I often underplayed the entire thing because my Mother did her fair share of worrying for me. 'Look at you sleeping, when will you look for a job?' 'How can you be so irresponsible?'  A month and a few days later, I'm here. Associate Image Executive in a fairly large and recognized firm. Some days it is so taxing, it takes all the strength I have to hold it together until I get home, after which I let the floodgates open and think 'what have I gotten my self into?'. Other days, I feel the thrill of learning new things, of handling work by myself and being inspired by the momentum which grips the office. I've already acquired a few commendable habits like starting the day with the newspaper (sometimes three) ,eating regular and healthy meals (vegetarian if you may please) and travelling by bus! Independence is a compelling feeling - and it's only pushing me to be stronger. Although this job intimidates me sometimes, I try to reason with myself that it is only human to make mistakes. Having just stepped out of college, this world is overwhelming and tough to adjust with.  Nevertheless, as my Father says everyday 'try and do ordinary work with extraordinary effort' - success won't be too far away. 
As the rain leaves my window foggy - the sound of it nearly deafening, and my hot evening snack of buttered toast is almost ready, somehow, I feel like it will all be okay.