Monday, July 23, 2012

Like Crazy

Like Crazy directed by Drake Doremus is a story about a young couple battling to keep their relationship together while in two different countries. Shot in an unconventional manner with random and abrupt scenes, it tells the heartbreaking story of two lives entwined and yet, detached. I personally loved the way it seemed like the lifespan of their relationship was covered in just ninety minutes. The protagonists Anna and Jacob meet right in the beginning with a huge mug of coffee, whiskey and a connection. It tactfully steers to moments of their relationship, after that initial meeting, as they bask in the beginning of young love - walking wrapped close to each other, the beach, their feet touching. Facing an inevitable parting due to overstaying her visa, Anna goes back to UK and things go downhill from there. The struggle of the characters to live their respective lives while constantly returning to one another is truly moving. What's more is the way their hapless situation results in a drift that you as an audience, wish would never happen. Desperate and frustrated, they get married with the hope that after a six month wait, they will be reunited for good. Unfortunately, the reigns they try to control and told onto tightly, slip from within their grasp once again.
From this articulately depicted film, you are reminded that love is a fragile and complicated feeling. And as much as you hope that they end up together in the end, emerging victorious on the other side - the director craftily leaves that to you, while Anna walks away from Jacob.

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