Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They say the beauty of a mistake is in it's ability to learn from it.
You burn your hand once and learn not to play with fire again; you trip over a rock and learn to watch your step the next time; you judge a book by it's cover and later realize you shouldn't have; you stereotype people and go on to discover you were wrong. And yet, in spite of all the painful lessons and the eye opening revelations, you still make the same mistake again. You get your fingers burnt; you ignore the uneven road ahead; you decide not to read something because it isn't visually captivating and you miss out on knowing someone simply because they don't 'fit in'. I mean, we promise not to get sucked into another mess and we do a pretty good job of sticking by that and then before we know it, we're walking down that familiar path with the same old signs. Hell, there could be boards saying 'stop and turn thefuck around' and we'll just ignore that. Why? Why are mistakes so damn hard not to repeat? What does that say about us, really? (Apart from the fact that we're fools.) That we just love the risk? That all that smoke is just clouding our better judgement? Or that we're willing to get burnt if only to feel again?

Friday, February 18, 2011

- I hate choosing. Especially when I want them both.

- I dislike the fact that I have no control over my tear glands. What I dislike even more is that I'm usually caught unaware. Take for instance last night, when I came back home and was lying down and talking to my Mother. Or like right now, when I turned on the Tv and watched exactly ten minutes of some movie before they came, fast and unstoppable.

- I really really want to kill someone. Of course, there is really only one person I want to shoot. Or maybe run over. Which ever is more painful.

- I like how my daily horoscope is so scarily accurate. And how I wake up at odd hours of the morning to read it sometimes.

- I detest BBM forwards.

- I want to read 'Laws of the Spirit World'. Except I'm still mustering the guts to do so. 

- I love Bryan Adams.

- Everyone thinks I'm going to be a cripple soon, what with the excessive texting. The way I look at it, communication is vital to my survival.

- Today I drove my car around the building and got off without pulling the handbrake. I'm so out of practice, it's far from funny.

This is probably the random-est blog ever. What can I say? Being a hormonal wreck has its perks.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This post is almost a week too late.
So, I'm going to get right to it.

I met David Archuleta.
I MET David Archuleta.
Yes, I felt the need of typing that three times because it makes me surge with such joy, I can't quite describe it.

I, like the rest of the world (most of it anyway), was introduced to David Archuleta on American Idol, three years ago. I became a loyal fan the moment he sang Heaven. And I have been faithful ever since. So, you can only imagine my joy when I learnt that he was coming to India! Within five days, I had my tickets booked and my bags packed. Not to mention how my excitement had already reached alarming levels. Finally, I was sitting in Rhapsody, fidgeting with my lip balm and trying to balance my wine glass (at the same time), while I waited in anticipation. When he finally did show up, I thought I would die. He was shy and cute and adorable and awesome all at once. He talked about the people he met and how he loved being with them, he talked about India and how much he liked the food and he blushed like a little boy when all the girls hooted and screeched 'we love you David!'. Then, he sang. Although he didn't sing too much, he was brilliant. I sat there, rather dumbfounded and kept reminding myself that it was real. He was even better to watch live than on Idol! After his performance, there was a very moving presentation on the Rising Star foundation and their work with Leper Colonies. It was really sad and made me want to help them. So, after college, that goes right on top of my list. With his concluding performance, it seemed like forty minutes just flew past. While everybody swarmed around him for autographs and pictures, I waited anxiously for Spenta to give me the green light (the perks I tell you). I not only got to hug him and briefly exchange a few words (I don't remember much, thanks to the nerves) but I also got quite a few pictures! All in all, it was one of the most exciting experiences ever. Of course, I have only my cousin to thank. She made sure I came, made sure I got pictures and even gave me that precious Aquafina bottle. Best rushed-two-day trip by far :)