Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They say the beauty of a mistake is in it's ability to learn from it.
You burn your hand once and learn not to play with fire again; you trip over a rock and learn to watch your step the next time; you judge a book by it's cover and later realize you shouldn't have; you stereotype people and go on to discover you were wrong. And yet, in spite of all the painful lessons and the eye opening revelations, you still make the same mistake again. You get your fingers burnt; you ignore the uneven road ahead; you decide not to read something because it isn't visually captivating and you miss out on knowing someone simply because they don't 'fit in'. I mean, we promise not to get sucked into another mess and we do a pretty good job of sticking by that and then before we know it, we're walking down that familiar path with the same old signs. Hell, there could be boards saying 'stop and turn thefuck around' and we'll just ignore that. Why? Why are mistakes so damn hard not to repeat? What does that say about us, really? (Apart from the fact that we're fools.) That we just love the risk? That all that smoke is just clouding our better judgement? Or that we're willing to get burnt if only to feel again?

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