Friday, July 8, 2011

I think when everyone around you is raving about a movie and you haven't watched it yet, you just feel compelled to, you know?
Which brings me to today. Delhi Belly. My very restless daughter/best friend (don't even try and wrap your head around it) and I prayed for time to move faster as we sat through boring lectures in college. After that blessed bell sounded, we ran. Well, to the car anyway. Got off at Inox. Stood at the end of two very long lines at the ticket counter. We cussed and came up with brilliant ideas to get ahead (we can be very determined girls when we want to be). However, all that proved to be futile when the lady behind the counter said the three dreaded words 'No tickets ma'am'. Rather callously I'd like to add. No movie, no cheese popcorn...until one of us voiced the other's thought 'Imax?' We were greeted by an overwhelming number of sleazy men, but no time for that, got into yet another line, got to the end of it and got two tickets with a sense of great accomplishment. We felt our excitement fizz when my beloved girl said 'it's in Hindi, I completely forgot'. Oh well, atleast we were going to watch it. Not feeling as enthusiastic, we went to Mc donalds to kill time. Ate and felt better and walked around the place we once thought of as 'home' (HAHA). Reliving memories and laughing at changing fads, we got to screen 1 and trudged all the way to the bottom row (Hindi, no cheese popcorn AND bottom row, can't blame us really) before we realized A is usually the top most row. Joy! Needless to say, we got the best seats in that damn theater and soon it began. We laughed so hard, in an instant we forgot all the hardships we endured to get there. I got so excited, I dug my nails into Chip's hand  and kept banging my feet on the floor and almost fell off my chair, which resulted in quite a few sideway glances from the more well-behaved audience. It was 96 minutes of slapstick comedy and I for one loved it! We held hands like little girls at the circus and were rather bummed when it was done. Feeling very brash ourselves we fought with auto men and talked about the movie all the way back home. A totally worth it movie which resulted in the best mumma-dotty date everrr.