Saturday, January 31, 2009

The one word that describes my state of mind most of the time. Should I or should I not. Right or wrong. Maybe or maybe not. Most of the time, when you see things start to go the right way, all of a sudden your weighed with a decision you have to take. And that's when confusion sets in.
But what happens when you have to bear the consequences of somebody else being confused? What if, in the process of them figuring out what they want, you have to wait? Wait to find out what they need, wait to find out how it's going to change your life and wait to see if that's what you want too. Unfortunately, this is something you learn to live with. Because maybe, everyone's alike when it comes to this one. You just make a decision and the other has to live with it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It has been a while. And lots has happened over the last couple of months.
First, THE wedding. Sure, i went there with a long face, because missing new year here wasn't what i wanted, but hell no. I was so wrong. The long face turned into a much happier one, in the midst of all the happiness, love, and new faces =). Our family was re-united with much difficulty, but it was all worth it. The bride looked gorgeous and so did the rest. Hard to believe one out of six is already married! Anyway, it proved to be quite an event and i still really wish i was back there and could relive it all over again.
With a severe wedding hangover, it took me a while to get used to my normal, not-so-bright-world. But i did come back with all my thoughts sorted and have finally decided to let go of things not worth it and learn to live a little more. Not to mention the constant tagging and excessive logging onto facebook, to see the aftermath in print! =)
Then came exams. They as usual have managed to completely deprive me of seeing the outside world. And brought on endless nights of lack of sleep, which i sure am making up for now, if i might add. =p
Next came chunks's birthday. Alcohol being my newest attraction, thanks to the wedding again, took over in full swing, while my low capacity stayed on. FUN. Not to forget a horrible hangover the following day.
Oh. And practice for our school 'rock-band' is killing us.
Yeah. so thats about it. the major events i've not really had the time to pen down. Also im really starting to see my blogs getting happier =)