Sunday, January 24, 2010

No one wants to be alone.
All that jazz that you come alone and you leave alone maybe true, but that doesn't account for the time you are HERE. Because whether you admit it out loud or not, everyone needs to feel loved and wanted.

We live looking at outcomes of other people's experiences, we believe that if it went wrong with her, it'll probably go wrong with us as well. We worry that he isn't what we want in a man, worry that he doesn't reach up to our expectations of being romantic and good looking and so on. We set standards. We expect.
And basically, upon further pondering we see that in the process of worrying over trivial things, we don't realize that we're actually PLANNING on how to fall in love. To the very last detail. We don't even give ourselves a chance to think that just maybe, there is something better out there. That maybe, being with someone is not some contrived affair. And that when we expect and look for it to be EXACTLY as per our requirements, there is every possibility that we might miss out on 'perfect.'

So, it all comes down to lettings things take their natural course. To do what you WANT to do, irrespective of whether it SEEMS wrong. To let go of prerequisites, and for once abandon all rules and logic. Because, life? It's more than just a silly board game. It's more than planning every step. Sometimes, it really is okay to FEEL. Because when it comes to falling in love? It should just...happen.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I would really love to say im strong. That I rarely cry and that every little thing doesn’t touch me in ways I cant explain. But I cant, cause that would be a lie.

I’m a hopeless romantic.
I cry when i'm happy. I cry because he proposed to her in an elevator, full of brain scans of surgeries they’ve done together. I cry because in so little, he says it all. The truth, straight out.
I cry when I see happy endings. I cry when people do crazy things for someone they love. I cry when there’s just chocolate and roses and no words. I cry when he cries. I cry when he looks at her, and words or not, its so obvious he loves her. I cry when he stands on top of a building and says it for the world to hear, that he wants her and only her for the rest of their silly little lives. I cry when he writes his wedding vows. I cry when he sings to her , feeling every word because it’s the only way he can tell her how he feels.
Yes. I believe in prince charming, I believe in snowy white weddings and shooting stars and I believe that love makes it all better. That your world can turn around with three words, eight letters and no matter what the situation, just like that, you know its what you were made for.