Friday, February 18, 2011

- I hate choosing. Especially when I want them both.

- I dislike the fact that I have no control over my tear glands. What I dislike even more is that I'm usually caught unaware. Take for instance last night, when I came back home and was lying down and talking to my Mother. Or like right now, when I turned on the Tv and watched exactly ten minutes of some movie before they came, fast and unstoppable.

- I really really want to kill someone. Of course, there is really only one person I want to shoot. Or maybe run over. Which ever is more painful.

- I like how my daily horoscope is so scarily accurate. And how I wake up at odd hours of the morning to read it sometimes.

- I detest BBM forwards.

- I want to read 'Laws of the Spirit World'. Except I'm still mustering the guts to do so. 

- I love Bryan Adams.

- Everyone thinks I'm going to be a cripple soon, what with the excessive texting. The way I look at it, communication is vital to my survival.

- Today I drove my car around the building and got off without pulling the handbrake. I'm so out of practice, it's far from funny.

This is probably the random-est blog ever. What can I say? Being a hormonal wreck has its perks.

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