Saturday, July 21, 2012

You'll need to down a few Cocktails to get through this one!

Cocktail was a disappointing waste of time. I'm sorry, it really was. No doubt it was marketed extremely well, what with the appealing promos and the good looking star cast. The movie on the other hand was predictable to the point of ridiculous. The jokes were far from funny, the story was typical and the acting was a rather rookie affair. Truth be told, I only sat through it because the best friend and I laughed and cussed at all the wrong times (a distraction to be thankful for). Oh but the clothes. Boy, do the clothes deserve a mention! Maybe even a separate place in the credit roll. They were to die for. All in all, the movie was a 2, credit to the good looking cast, cities and parties. And the clothes were a  perfect 10.

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