Friday, July 20, 2012

Cupcakes and Cashmere, anybody?

It's a cold and breezy Friday evening, my piping hot chai in the orange ceramic cup is almost done, I can almost hear the drizzle turn heavier and....I'm in the mood to type. So, I shall continue to do so furiously and not stop until my glossy nail paint has chipped off or it's time to go home (which ever comes first).
My current obsession at work is Emily Schuman's blog. Not only is the name ( so luring, but the pictures and content is just brilliant. I dare you to read two posts and stop. No, really! This bloody amazing (for lack of better words) blog has found a permanent place in my sea of tabs and what's more, it is most frequently opened. I literally have to force myself to close it and get back to my daily tasks. To begin with, it's good looking. Simple white background, but still, just good looking. Like an ordinary looking boy who just catches your eye and there's no explaining why. Then there are adroitly taken pictures which make you want to jump right into the frame and lap up all that colour and be a part of that perfect shot. The writing is not elaborate or ostentatious, rather, it allows the pictures to speak. I'm running out of words to explain why I'm hopelessly taken by this blog- probably because it's so well assembled and tasteful and...perfect for any time of the day or night.
So C&C combined with my exhilaration that it is a Friday (yay weekend) has compelled me to come to a decision - my blog is getting a makeover. I think I've over and done with my 'dark' and mournful days. I don't know what it is about being a teenager and living in a big dark hole of self pity. And I suppose, inadvertently, it reflects in your blog layout, the theme, the dark portions with slashing rays of bright light. In short, now that I've bid my teenage years goodbye, it's high time I make this blog a little more aesthetically pleasing. I feel truly sorry for you readers who were sucked into this tenebrous theme. So, while I get on to that, you should go do the needful - go to and share a little of my joy.

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