Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting a job was always of top priority to me. I often underplayed the entire thing because my Mother did her fair share of worrying for me. 'Look at you sleeping, when will you look for a job?' 'How can you be so irresponsible?'  A month and a few days later, I'm here. Associate Image Executive in a fairly large and recognized firm. Some days it is so taxing, it takes all the strength I have to hold it together until I get home, after which I let the floodgates open and think 'what have I gotten my self into?'. Other days, I feel the thrill of learning new things, of handling work by myself and being inspired by the momentum which grips the office. I've already acquired a few commendable habits like starting the day with the newspaper (sometimes three) ,eating regular and healthy meals (vegetarian if you may please) and travelling by bus! Independence is a compelling feeling - and it's only pushing me to be stronger. Although this job intimidates me sometimes, I try to reason with myself that it is only human to make mistakes. Having just stepped out of college, this world is overwhelming and tough to adjust with.  Nevertheless, as my Father says everyday 'try and do ordinary work with extraordinary effort' - success won't be too far away. 
As the rain leaves my window foggy - the sound of it nearly deafening, and my hot evening snack of buttered toast is almost ready, somehow, I feel like it will all be okay. 

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