Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why is it you allow yourself to even feel. It's like whats the bloody point? Things seem so pretty in the beginning. And so stupidly you take that as a good thing and move forward, only to fall deeper. And then, everything goes wrong. You start seeing a situation for what it actually is and not for what you'd prefer perceiving it as. And cause you want to take a risk you hang on to hope, you swallow your doubts and questions you want to ask, you act like nothings wrong. How long can you possibly do that for?
Majority of the world is right. I put my foot in deeper than i actually want to. And what am i getting from that again? Sleepless nights and random thoughts that don't let me concentrate on anything. Why can't i just STOP over analyzing things?! Why why why? And all this just makes me the bitch in the end. Still, im willing to hang on. Cause, sometimes, just sometimes the risk maybe worth it.

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