Saturday, December 12, 2009

Infatuation. A foolish and usually extravagant passion or love or admiration.

We've all been there at some point. When we were younger it would've started with drawing hearts around his name in class, or doing things he liked or bumping into him by 'accident'. Slowly, we grew and our patterns changed. We started to dress a little better, flirt with him and try subtle, yet absolutely obvious means to get his attention. And then there were always those with the guts, who walked right up to him.
It's funny how you think that with the passage of time you'll grow out of being 'infatuated' and yet, you don't. The butterflies consume you with the same intensity, if not more, the questions multiply, the obsession doubles until it leads you to insanity and oddly enough one phone call can get you smitten all over again or better still, turn your completely horrible mood right around. And they say with age comes wisdom. Whoever said that forgot to tell you that sometimes, wisdom can't help you to differentiate and categorize how you feel. And so it all comes down to whether you're stupid enough to get sucked into it or smart enough to fight it.

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Sukriti said...

I absolutley LOVE this! 'Cause its so typically you (and me!) And its so typicaly what happens all the time