Friday, February 12, 2010

I don't know why i miss you. I don't know why i even THINK of you at all. I don't know why i still laugh at the random things you say, even if they aren't to me. I don't know why i feel the need to check up on you sometimes. I don't know why i continue to relate things to you. I don't know why this little part of me still cares. I don't know a lot of things.
But i do know that you did something. And that i have so many questions i'd like to ask you, simply so i can understand better. So i know what went wrong. So i don't have to push the thought of you away. So i stop getting that odd feeling in my stomach when i happen to get a fleeting glance. So i can move forward without questioning my instincts.
Is that really asking for too much?

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