Sunday, June 20, 2010

A whole month has passed by and I haven't written a single blog! Quite unsettling, that. I mean, my blog sort of rubs the reality in my face. And no reality-checks and occasional glimpses into my life for a month is, as I already mentioned, unsettling.
After Chennai, Frappe, family, humidity and goodbye's came Bangalore. A place I love for so many reasons. Starting with the weather and...ending with the weather. Of late, being cryptic is my thing. Awfully satisfying, let me tell you. Especially when the other person has no idea what you are thinking. Anyway, i'm going to skip the details. Probably write em down when i have plenty of time. I'll give you this much though, LOTS of 'gossip' girl happened :)
Coming back home was awesome! And getting to see my favorite faces was even better. Not to mention the Biryani i missed as much as my family. So good. Sigh. Turning 19 ended up being far more eventful than i had planned. I was hoping for a quiet stay-at-home and sip-on-a-drink-in-front-of-the-television birthday. Instead i got an alcohol filled, sleepless one. Which i have to admit was the best EVER.
And then, my holidays finally came to a brutal end. First day back, I went running into college, only to find my feel-good benches missing. Cursing under my breath (which would've been pretty loud knowing me) I saw them cast off in some corner. I wanted to scream! I mean, who are they to move OUR pretty, silver, cold, metal benches anyway? Not like they have any idea how many hours we have spent there talking, laughing, bitching and sharing life's stories. So, as you can see, college got off to a very unpleasant start. Sizing up our juniors from atop our rocks seemed like the ONLY good part of getting back and being a 'second year'. Oh and of course, Needs. We would all be dead if it wasn't for that little place :)
The weather has seemed to have gotten gloomier after Laila came. And went. Yes, I like saying Laila. Or typing Laila for that matter. Because someday, i wish to name my daughter that. No, I'm not joking.
And finally. I've been dying to say this, i got a tattoo! After 9 years of consistent longing, i finally got my ass on that chair and did it. It hurt quite a bit and all of that, but it was worth it. I love it. Having said that, I think I can safely scratch off 'get a tattoo' from my bucket list. Quite an achievement, wouldn't you say?

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