Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Christmas eve/Christmas was quite different from last year. The former was spent at my best friend's brother's reception. Indian clothes (sarees to be exact), vegetarian food and no alcohol. However, wait for it, it was fun. Also, I can safely conclude that I can dance to Bollywood music (somewhat) sober. And 'Subha Hone Na De'! I cannot stop humming it. Christmas last year was Fipi with Bollywood music and a new face I was kind of warming up to. This year, that face (not new anymore) and I went on a cute dinner date and ate till we couldn't breathe. Oh, and these people singing carols saw me get excited and clap like a seal and came and sang at our table. That was really funny. Thennn we went 10D and I ogled at the pretty wreaths, bells, glittery hangings etc.
Other than the absence of a larger than life Christmas tree, it was all perfect.

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