Tuesday, October 21, 2008

As she sat crying in the corner, while the rain continued to pour, she wondered how people gave up so easily. He would always mean a lot and be special, what made it even harder for her was that he didn't care enough to think the same.
She was hurt. Because he chose to hurt her, in spite of being the one person she would least expect that from.
She didn't get it. How could someone give up and accept defeat?
She had only herself to blame and she knew that. But the heartache wouldn't stop. It was so hard for her to accept that what they shared for almost two years, every memory, was her last.
He left her behind.
He let her fall and he wasn't there to lift her up.
He made her cry and ache for him, but he wasn't there to wipe her tears or to hold her hand through her pain.
All of a sudden she was alone.
Nothing could fill the emptiness that she felt, because that was his place. In a room full of people she continued to feel alone. And lost.

And now. After all those years, she believes 'you come alone and you leave alone'. And maybe getting hurt the way she did made her believe it. But till this day, she knows. It was worth it.