Sunday, October 19, 2008

She's been my mentor for as long as i can remember, someone i turned to for advice, someone who knew exactly what to say when. Experience is indeed the best teacher, and this she has taught me by answering my every question with a similar situation she'd been in before. The things we've done together are a 'memory' id like to hold on to always, be it cooking, talking until two in the morning, watching tv, drives on the beach, shopping, 'qudrapop' competing, fun...everything. Not to forget our not so good times. The times when she'd yell at me like there was no tomorrow, and for some reason that has always had a lasting impression. Her mails have taught me lessons, her advice had gotten me through tough times, and being with her has only made me love her more. And today im so happy that she's going to start her life being 'married' in no time (completely blowing my chances of being adopted i might add). Still. Ive never fully been able to tell her what she means to me, but i guess she's known all along. Yes, my confidant, my mentor and someone i look up to.

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