Thursday, October 16, 2008

One minute, you love people, you love being surrounded by familiar faces and their constant jabber. And the next minute, your trying to run away as far as possible. Trying not to stay anywhere next to them, asking yourself why you had ever grown to love them in the first place, as unimaginable as the question may sound, its true. Sometimes you do find yourself questioning your affection and your feelings towards someone. And sometimes, when you get your answer without feeling regret, wanting to smack your head wondering why you asked in the first place, you realize...that people who often upset you the most are sometimes the ones you can't do without, that being angry only means you care enough hence you get affected and sometimes over time you weave something so strong, that you KNOW it's something you can't break. It's in times like this that you discover in your life, people who ACTUALLY make a difference. And so it all comes down to the question. Are they worth it?

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~Drama Queen~ said...

even after the umpteen no of times we see the long face go longer,or u just disappearing from thr after being in ur 'blues'...its the same girl we know,love and care bout!
so yeah...tis worth it!

p.s:-i love the way u write kuk!