Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It doesn't seem to want to stop raining, resulting in a sabotage of our plan to go to beans . As much as it sucks, i smile thinking of the last time this happened. Our economics exam was two days away, and su decided she couldn't find her stupid economics text book and decided to come over and screw my study routine with her 'squeaky' presence. She dragged me to every fucking book store in the nearest vicinity, while i was dying of paranoia (exam nerves you see). Anyway our last stop proved to be a little successful, considering we got Frank, but our highness refuses as the page numbers vary from our actual text book. lol. Anyway, by this time it was pouring cats and dogs, and knowing su and how she loves to push it, least bothered that i haven't nearly finished half my portion i might add, she sends hari off someplace, and drags me in the pouring rain for fags! Resulting in us running past random starngers in our oversized daddy shirts, slipping in the slush, and me wrapping ginger in every dry part possible so she doesn't stop working. Running like that, chasing her, was the best and most fun thing considering im blind and couldn't see a thing. I highly doubt id have laughed that much if it wasn't for her and her stupid idea, so ya. My best 'rainy day' moment in very long. Though i did fail in eco finally :P

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Varsha said...

you're hurtin your own visual sentiments :P