Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today just seems so long.
I recall, this time last year i was so, clueless. In another two months i would get back what i thought lost. In another two and a half months id have the weirdest new year, one with um, lots of tears. In another three months id find my 'vault', in another six months id find friends, lose some, make new memories and live...and oddly enough,considering i dont regret most, i still look back thinking, what if.
What if some of it never happened.
What if id known what i was up against, known that maybe i didn't want it after all.
What if, what if, what if.
And the worst bit? It's still going to be the exact same. Because as much as id like to go back and undo things, probably do them differently, im still going to be here. Stuck with mistakes i wish id never have made and feelings i wish i didn't have to feel.


Varsha said...

ha ha..sounds an awful lot like my life...but actually yours is better..so that's a reason why you shouldn't stop smiling :)

jahnavi said...

this one is good =)

kriti said...

that coming from you ought to be a good thin no?!