Monday, October 6, 2008

Yeah. So, Zephyr,because i like the name and how it sounds.
Very random i know. But then again, random is what defines me.
I highly doubt i'd be able to update this blog as often as id like, i rarely have time to sit around, what with my boards in less than six months, a million entrances and a wedding. Nevertheless a blog is just what i need to take my mind off all the stuff happening. I've become quite an insurgent of late, it scares me sometimes, cause even though i've never been the kind who surrenders to servitude, i haven't been this bad either. I keep hoping this is just a phase, that will pass with time, and take me back to when everything was noraml, the time before it all went weirdly, wrong.

1 comment:

~Drama Queen~ said...

Another thing in common..!
indeed describes you..
tell me bout this making you 'feel' better!
happy writing