Friday, March 13, 2009

It's funny how one minute your living your life, loving every bit of it, thinking it could never get better and the next minute, its wiped out. Over, just like that.
And it doesn't matter who it happens to. Whether the person was close to you, or a complete stranger, or just an acquaintance. It still leaves you feeling the same. Why? Why does death come and take it all in a flash? Why can't there some kind of warning telling you, you have only this much time left? And what about the one's that stay back and have to live without that person? What happens to them? Is it fair that they have to be consumed with sadness and sit around hoping with everything they have that by some blessed miracle, they'll return? And what about when you fight, scream and say things you don't mean, only to realise that that's the last thing you'll probably ever say to them?
You know. It's really not fair. Because, how ever strong you claim to be, you can't get rid of it. And that sucks, because you're always left feeling empty.
And no amount of joy can fill that up.

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