Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You know, there are so many people that you come across in life, who unknowingly or not, change it, in some way or the other. And after that, its forever altered. Even if its in the smallest of ways.
If i start counting the number of people who've done that for me, i'd probably never finish. But since im completely jobless and don't seem to feel like picking up my economics text book, i sort of thought of a few off the top of my head.
1. My family. I know i was born into it and all, but i learn something new from them everyday, and for that im eternally thankful.
2. My daddy especially though, cause hes the most amazing person alive and i look up to him, though he probably doesn't know this :)
3. Spenta. My god, she's some cousin. And so much more.
4. My cousins. Gosh, i love them.
5. Akshita and Shreya, cause they're more like sisters than my best freinds.
6. Akhil! For just being the one person i want to talk to everytime im bored, upset, or just plain happy.
7. Solomon, cause he is truely my inspiration. I highly doubt id sit and listen to someone lecture me for more than fifteen minutes tops. And the way he draws, MY GOD.
8. Every disabled person ive ever met. They have that extra something that is something you just can't match up to or compare.
9. Every person from my "past". Nothing is impossible to move on from.
10. Every single baby. I might not actually remember them, but im super sure they made me freakin' happy at that point.
11. My aunt in Chennai, who just has every ounce of positivity you can find in the whole entire world.
12. Dara Fua. No words.
13. Most determined people, who achieve greatness that you just can't comprehend. Be it, an actor, author, director, artist. Anyone i've just read about and admired.
14. All the people i read about in Reader's Digest. That makes some awesome read and every person in it, has a story.
15. David Archuleta! OMG!
16. Slum dog millionaire. I don't know, it just did something.

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