Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random- What im thinking right now.

1. I really miss shreya.
2. I don't understand why i didn't study commerce when i had the chance and could've probably gotten more than a 60 in pre finals.
3. How could i not LIKE alcohol?
4. Why can't i live without it now?
5. I worry about hippo.
6. I feel Karu is dam funny. And i love her.
7. I wanna go to B'lore badly.
8. My boyfriend needs to get an award for patience.
9. I can't study unless my sister sits next to me.
10. I wanna be able to just talk and talk and talk.
11. I wonder what became of my grinding friend? the one at spent's wedding.
12. Akshita calls me lots of names, im beginning to think she's right in doing so.
13. Dev Patel, bang me right now.
14. I love my daddy. He makes the best food.
15. My legs hurt cause i tried doing sit up's. Yes, sit up's.
16. I have the most horrible craving for pepperoni pizza right NOW.
17. Why isn't akhil calling already??!
18. I wanna swim like badly badly badly. But i can't. Cause i suck and im scared of water.
19. I secretly feel i won't be able to reach the floor on the shallow end too.
20. I feel i should go study.

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