Wednesday, March 11, 2009

While my boards seem to deprive me of seeing the outside world, its a wonder im not dead already. Yes, the drama sadly is something that doesn't want to go with age =)
I really don't get the point of having a week to study. Its depressing, cause you have that much longer of knowing you don't know SHIT. I mean 7 days for commerce, and everyday i wake up wondering how on earth i managed to pass all year.
I must say, boards or not. Im officially a phone addict. I mean, i talk all day long, almost. And then, 10 on the dot, i call aksh with my amazing night balance and then hippo calls, and man, do we talk forever. Its hilarious, cause hippo and me are going to this place called Shambala, in Africa, to save big cats. See now, its not my fault i watch animal planet and happen to come across this programme and happen to fall in LOVE with the work they do. I mean, really, i've always been a 'big cat' fan. And now i want to do my bit to save them! Sounds awefully far-fetched, i know. But give me a year or two and ill really be there. Not to mention how happy the Indian Cobra makes me. Im thinking ill chuck design and become a 'Lets-save-animals' activist :) My mum should hear that, she won't stop laughing im sure.
I wonder why im never take seriously? pah.
Anyway. Back on track. My first three papers went ok, good actually. If i had a choice i'd stop at that, but sadly, i seldom get what i want. So ya, four more and the torture endsss! :) Im practically living only to see that day. Freedom!
and yes, I finally saw Slumdog, and OMG im in love with Dev Patel! Jan and me were thinking, we'd probably not even give him a second look if we saw him on skins, but OMG again, in slumdog....*sigh* he's the cutest shit. I really don't see how half the world disagrees with me.
Anyway, im goning to go back and study formation of a company. My life is pretty depressing, except when im on the phone of course :)

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