Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tomorrow's my last exam.
Tomorrow's also my last day of school.
To say school was indeed my second home, would be an understatement. Sure, we might not have had the greatest infrastructure, ground or classrooms. But the stuff I learnt and the countless memories, really does make up for everything else.
Only when your stepping out do you realize how much your going to miss it. School was like an escape from all the yelling and screaming and boring routine at home. It was the place i grew up in. Joining at four years to stepping out at 17. I would've cribbed a whole lot, sure, threw tantrums too, but i think it really has shaped me as a person. I've learnt whatever i know today, mostly from school. Though it all seems to have passed by in a flash, the memories i take with me, i will be sure to relive, just as they happened.
Tenth standard ill never forget. One year changed so much.
And ISC! My freaking God! From joining with the most sour face to looking back at two years fondly, not wanting to leave. I met the most amazing people, learnt so many things from them each day. I'll never forget how in the beginning of the year, we sat at different ends of the classroom, and slowly, as the year went by, we sat closer and became one. From sitting on the floor, hiding from Sreedevi cause she was SO loud, to running outta class and sitting on our favorite stairs. From getting punished everyday to eating behind the benches while Ayman ma'am yelled and asked where we were. From laughter to tears. From shifting downstairs to learning to adapt to change. From finding our new 'adda' and watching the boys play basketball, to bunking classes behing the p.t. room. From exams to just sitting around. From sports day pratice to cheering for our houses. From school trips to eating Priya ma'ams curd rice. From ordering Mc Donald's one day to eating lime rice everyday. From giving the most amazing farewell to being the ones leaving. I'm going to freaking miss this place! Really.
Tomorrow as i step out, I take back with me every memory and every picture i have of this place i practically grew up in.
I also take back with the memories, the people i met. We've all had our up's and down's, but most of us have been there. And that's what really matters. Especially the 'girl clan'. And Arihant who came two years ago and made us all so happy to know him! Basically just everyone. And yes, the teachers too! I'm yet to see a more patient lot.
I'm going to miss it all. And as i move past and get ready to face a tough world, i can proudly say that my school was indeed the strongest foundation.

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