Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm sick. And i'm freaking tired.
I'm an impulsive, screw up and im NOT denying that. But whoever said look forward to 18, must've been mad, cause i've never had more doubts, unanswered questions and confusion grip me like this before.
I've always pictured life in this particular way,and the bottom line: i want to make it big. I want to be able to support myself and my tastes without having to depend on my parents forever. I want to excel at whatever it is i do and i want to be recognized. I guess this is what everyone wants from life. Today i had it, because i am not working to get what i want. Im sick of being told im confused and have talent. Because you know what, what's the freaking point if i have all the talent in the world, if i take that for granted and sit on my ass thinking people are going to touch my feet to get into a good college.
NO. I fend for myself and i take responsibility. Im going to try my freaking best to get in to Shristi. In spite of knowing i might change and have people forget me and leave my family and home behind. Im going to fucking do it. Really, cause ive often been told there's only room for the best, and for once, whoever said that, was DAMN RIGHT.

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