Sunday, April 19, 2009

1. Chennai is hot. Very hot. Sort of like it's so hot you can die.
2. Meeting new people is my most favorite thing to do. And sometimes knowing a person you didn't know very well previously, IS considered meeting them all over again.
3. I love how both sides of my family get along so amazingly. Sort of gives you that whole"happy family" feeling.
4. Ashdin and Karu are mentAl. They're also hilarious. Make that cutely hilarious.
5. The beach is SO awesome. I could live there. Like really.
6. I have great control over the steering wheel i feel. It's nice to know you can control something. Like a car :) that listens to you.
7. I finally made decisions i should've before. And i feel much better.
8. Chennai has NO effing night life. OPM was ok though. Virtigo wasn't for sure.
9. That one action packed fun weekened was really something. I got to break rules, bond, play badminton like i owned it and had a blast, all in two days!
10. I want to learn salsa. And lose weight!
11. Oh, i miss hyderabad.
12. Make that a lot.
13. I love that store Naturally Auroville. It's nice in a weird way. Like how the lamps are so hot, while incense burns all over the place in the most assorted fragrances. And how random things are used to make even more random things. And how cutely economical it is.
14. I tend to talk a lot. Like how at waldrof i talked for an hour straight and apparently broke the record :) However, id like to mention im 'entertaining' *looks smug*.
15. Music in the car is a must.
16. Spenta is some married woman. If being married is going to be like this, im doing it tomorrow :)
17. PMS spares you sometimes. Or maybe the heat just distracts you from noticing it.
18. Spencer plaza is dam third grade.
19. Rings are my new thing. That's pretty evident when you can notice the thousand silver rings from miles away.
20. Single and happy is on the same path.
21. Family is so ofte taken for granted. But sometimes, living together for days at a stretch makes you grateful.
22. Akhil is one helluva hang out buddy :) Seeing him two days made up for all the times we spend in different places ( i so know what your going to say when you read this)
23. Oooooh! Bandi pizza is THE shit! whoever said 15 pieces is a lot. You definitely haven't met us.
24. Banofe! Ahhhhhh! No words.
25. All this makes you realise, that the extruiating heat and all of that other jazz doesn't matter as long as you have the people who make it all worthwhile :)
Ok now im tired. Bringing to an end, my pointless thoughts.

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