Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's funny when you watch yourself grow up. How you manage to laugh today looking at what you were back then. How you grow to realize and understand and make mistakes. And how along the way, you change. Change for whatever reason, with time, with experience and when maturity kicks in. Today i look back and i regret. But since sadly, life doesn't give you the option of turning back time, i guess you just make sure you move forward doing it the right way. Sure i've made stupid mistakes, trusted the wrong people and had a very different take on what i wanted from life. Today. Well, today is a completely different story. You can stand alone, without needing someone to hold you. Single is by far the most amazing shit! And everything happens for the freaking best! :) (don't even MAKE me start on that). It's just called learing to live on your own terms.

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