Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This summer's gone by so quick.
After lots of my cousins, holidaying, hookah (i DO detest it a little less than before) , alcohol, 'unwanted things', dancing, karaoke, loafing aimlessly, shopping, lots of sun, splash, unwanted tans, hugs and a trillion kisses, laughter, text messages that never stopped, long conversations to kill time, food, movies and oh, PICTURES, i can't quite believe college has started! Already. I keep thinking the weekend will come soon enough and it'll just go on endlessly and i'll go make new memories without a care in the world, just plenty of free time to look forward to.
But sadly, that two and a half months has gone by already and now i'm back to worrying. Getting up at 9 and staying in college without running out of that gate when i look at it, watching what i eat, walking home occasionally so i burn the unwanted calories, trudging home and having no energy to even think of going to grill room, worrying about what to wear the next day, caring about who likes you and who is sizing you up, boring text books, assignments, EXAMS! oh my how i'm dreading those already. Monotony. *sighs*
It really does suck to have to get back to reality and down to serious form after recovering from a holiday hangover.
Oh well, i guess you can always get something out of the not-too-appealing-non-holiday-really-monotonous life too. Who knows, maybe college will be my new favorite place *shrugs* It helps to be optimistic sometimes :)

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