Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life, has something new to give you every day.
Sometimes its good, sometimes its something you’ve waited for forever, sometimes its unexpected, sometimes its bad and most of the times its unpredictable.

Yes, you hop on to the roller coaster, that’s life, blindfolded. You’re terrified at first and hang on for dear life. Slowly, just as you loosen your hold there’s an unexpected bump that drags you downward, almost dropping you off, but not completely. And at the exact moment you’ve given up and accept you’re time has come or that you can’t hold on any longer, you suddenly feel like you’re being lifted upwards again. And yet again, you hope only to go through the exact same thing, only maybe this time, that phase of being stable lasts longer. Up’s and down’s. Happiness and sadness. Good and bad. Hope and disappointment.
Unfortunately for us, this never ends. Our journey continues until that final reel, where in the roller coaster stops working mid-way , leaving us with no chance of survival or in some cases, tests our will-power to hold on just when we think its all over, finishing off the one who had sweaty hands and didn’t hold on tightly enough.

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