Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This story is set in not only two different states/countries, but two different continents. Yes, this one beats all distance, even if it is far from actuality :]

(Note: People and places mentioned in this story may or may not exist. Any resemblance to someone in particular, is purely unintentional (maybe) )

Ok. So Tk and Kt decide its high time they pay their boys a visit. After much planing and strategy laying out, they decide to catch the first flight Monday morning and start their journey, long and tedious, into their beloveds arms. Much to Tk's dismay, they take a transit flight, not via Dubai, but London. Hetero airport provides quite the place for two shop alcoholics who want to kill time and blow up money. Not to mention how the passers-by, from all over, prove to be excellent eye candy :]

Four hours later, a very restless twosome board the next flight. Half way through, Tk is all nerves! Her lover boy is an hour away. Immediately her hair is set and cocoa butter is smeared all over. Unknown 1, here we, rather she comes!
Unknown city X is quite the place! Tk doesn't even stop to take in the view she runs straight into her lover boys arms. Quite a site, must say, considering she literally has to jump into his arms. 6 feet something makes short girls like us seem wild :]
Kt insists they have no time to waste. She needs to make it to unknown city Y asap. But, duty calls. The 3 of them set out to unknown city Z where they take much pain and go out of their way and egg a certain 'someone's' house, with additional compliments of Tk and Kt's brilliant artwork on her window. Wanting to cause more damage is not an option when the front door opens and they catch a little glimpse of their target. Running to the airport, they reach unknown city Y in no time. Kt's turn to be excited and um....other things, She runs into her lover boy's arms as well, but doesn't jump, she knows he's incapable of handling the weight :]

The four of them get busy at once. It pays to have an apartment and roommates who aren't nosy and understand what different continents can do to you :] Two days and two hours later, the four of them emerge from their rooms, quite tired, bloody exhausted and fucking hungry. Tk and Kt smartly bring some maggi, ready-made bhel and other full of masala snacks to add their own desi touch. Lame some might call it, thoughtful the rest :] Unknown 2 is quite the host. He shows 'em around 'his' city and caters to all their sight-seeing needs.

Before any of them know it, its to weeks already! Plenty of um..alone time, shopping, movies, shows, live concerts, socializing and drinking later, its time for the girls to head back to their respective homes, respective continent in this case. The departure is quite a sad one and brings the boys to tears as well. Tk cannot hold her grief for much longer, and clings on to unknown 1's shirt, crying. Unknown 2 suddenly jumps up 'why don't you drop him off while she stays here? its a win win situation, you know' Kt and Tk dance around the airport in happiness. While tickets are cancelled and re-scheduled, the girls hug and say bye. For now. 5 days later, its time to leave for good. Somehow, without unknown 1, there's a huge gap of being 'incomplete'. Tk cries. Kt weeps. Unknown 2 begins to tear. Quite a sad site.

Back in Continent 1 nothing seems right. Tk and kt get too depressed and decide to leave the state and go someplace else, where their talent can shine and life is more simple to lead. Tk goes to Ghandinagar, while Kt, to Ahmadabad.
Life goes on.....until one day unknown 1 & 2 show up at their respective apartments! Joy and happiness replaces their depression, and life gets better. Alas! Its short lived, when one week later, they leave. Tears, again. Tk and Kt are looked down upon by their fellow-mates for 'spending nights' with their boys. Deciding there is no point living in a place where their bitched about about by all and sundry, including the gate-keeper, they go to Goa.

6 months passes by. Though earning a living is hard, tk and kt manage to buy calling cards once a week and talk to their only happiness, after each other of course.
On one sunny day, while the girls are sun-bathing in their skimpy costumes with their eyes closed and Dolce & Gabana shades on(result of shop-lifting), they hear an "ahem" right next to them. Getting up together they see unknown 1 & 2 kneeling down holding the most beautiful Tiffany boxes ever! "Marry me?" they say together. Taking off their shades and gaping at one another, Tk and Kt squeal in delight and cry "yes" together.

This my friends, this happy foursome, is an ideal example of why we must believe in fairy tales :]


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