Saturday, August 15, 2009

Internals, already! For a minute there i forgot anything remotely associated with the word examination, existed. College for the last two months has just been this fun get-away kind of place to see faces that make you happy (sadly some that don't too) and do things without a care in the world.
I hate how 'reality' is such a kill joy!
Moving on.
I'm glad that i was quick enough to forget people who weren't worth it. Gave me more place to fit in a whole bunch who ARE :]
Two months have flown by SO quick. I've met some really awesome people, discovered i have a twin :], formed stronger bonds with those i already knew and learnt to listen in class, cause apparently not everyone believes in the concept of 'giving you notes'. Oh! i'm learning french too, with some success i might add.
It's nice to be content. Not overly happy or wallowing in sorrow. Just, someplace in between. Cause right now, someplace seems safe enough :]
Anyway, now, i must return to my beckoning books. And stupid, test i-don't-know-shit, nerves. -Sigh-.
On the brighter side, I always have the aftermath to look forward to :]

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