Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just yesterday, as i sat in class staring at the board while the teacher droned on about some jazz in English, i thought of you. I tried to remember every smile i saw in that short span of time and i recalled everything you said. And for one minute, i saw this little light. It made me hope that u'd somehow...realize.

It's funny what the power of words can do to you. The more they are spoken, the higher they build. They make you swell with happiness, even when they are not backed with reason, and they make you believe. Stupid people like me? Yeah we are the ones that forget that sometimes, it is necessary that the person means them, that there needs to be some sort of truth attached to what is said. Cause eventually, when everything turns out to be a lie, or worse insincere, the world you built on mere words crashes all around you. And the once felt happiness? That turns to betrayal.

I now, take back all of that. And i let that tiny light fade to oblivion.
Because truth be told, You've managed to fill me with remorse for believing you when you claimed you were 'different'. You've managed to make me feel like a fool, for listening to your every word. And you've made see you, for what you REALLY are.

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