Monday, March 8, 2010

I’m in a writing mood. And no, nothing of substance is going on, so this is probably going to be a pointless blog.
Let me start by expressing my immense displeasure owing to the horrible heat. No really, its so bad, you cant walk ten steps without wanting to die. Which is really quite frustrating cause we have to walk SO much to get to all our classes, in college. This is when I miss school. I mean it was so small in comparison, 2 seconds and we’d reach the next class. On second thought, maybe I should be thrilled at the prospect of summer. I mean, the calories you burn by just breathing? Applaudable. Especially when you’re me and can’t work out for more than half an hour in a week.

This short lived determination issue I seem to have is quite disturbing. It’s like I randomly get these bursts of excitement. For like, what, three days? And then I’ll just be like ‘ah, maybe tomorrow’ and yes, quite predictably, tomorrow never gets here. Oh well, now I have something to work on I guess. They say in order to solve a problem you need to figure it out first. Some assurance there.

Oh I finally reunited with my most loyal friend. Except it happened to be on empty stomach. So all in all Friday night wasn’t too much fun. Frankly, they should start doing something about the crowd. I mean, one minute you’re bored out of your mind, sipping your drink and enjoying the welcoming effect the air conditioner has on you. And the next, you’re clutching your glass for dear life, looking at the ceiling, in order to breathe, and trying to make your way through millions of people. Let me tell you, at that moment, it seems like a lost cause. Almost like you can see your end, right there, in that packed night club. What a pathetic way to die.

Exams are round the corner. Already! Why does time sneak up on us like this. I mean its rather brutal. That horrible three month countdown is now a three-week countdown. Doesn’t really help that I don’t own text books, in the least. Oh god. Not only do exams spell hate, but they also spell disaster for us girls. Bad enough we’re bitchy five days a month, without the added nerves, bouts of anger, depression and the never ending ill-tempered long faces. So much to look forward to. Sigh.

American idol seems to be getting worse by the season. Or maybe it was just this particular episode. Or maybe I can’t appreciate a show without surgeries anymore.

You know, the telephone is probably the best invention man ever came up with. Closely followed by mobile phones. I mean what would we do without them? Especially the latter. Such a pity that if the world ends and civilization is going to start all over again, all man’s effort would have been for nothing. Nothing! Rather sad if you ask me.
On this pointless note, I’ll stop.

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