Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life has this very funny way of getting you. One second you’re living it down, soaking in the happiness of it all, and moving so quickly it’s all just this huge blur. And the next, you’re struggling to move forward. And surely enough, everything seems wrong. Time passes by so tardily that sometimes, you look at the clock desperately only to see that a few seconds have passed by since you last shot a glance in its direction. You are consumed with a hundred emotions and at the same time feel a void growing slowly but steadily. Which in itself is such a contradiction, but then again, who are we to question it?

Your head hurts with the thoughts that loom over your more sensible side. You want to run, but you cannot. You try to face them head on, but to no avail. You try to reason, talk and convince yourself that it’s only a matter of time and yet you do not believe it. You throw your fit of anger on everyone and everything around you, not even stopping to consider that it will get you nowhere. Because frankly? The person who actually triggers this outburst of emotions is never going to know how you feel. There really is no point in fighting a battle against no one, especially when your supposed opponent has no clue. And although we think we have no choice but to unleash it all on ourselves, maybe, we do have a choice. Maybe the wiser choice is to simply surrender. Surrender, not because you are weak or because you are accepting defeat, but simply because you are helpless. Simply because after a point, you get tired of fighting with yourself.

For every time you are upset and feel that life has come to a standstill, seek solace from your beating heart and know that it IS indeed moving forward.

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