Friday, April 2, 2010

The world is a peculiar place.
It conjures exactly what you want, puts it in front of you, and just when you start to soak in the reality of it all, it takes it away. And for some odd reason, (see, i told you it was peculiar), like sort of a simultaneous response, we begin to hope.

Theory: Do not hope. Do not expect. Do not crave. Waking up every morning and thinking to yourself that today MIGHT just be it will only have you going to bed feeling disquieted and disappointed. The thing about hope is that it inevitably plays on your mind more often than necessary. It distracts and occupies your thoughts. It questions and expects. It just eats at you, a little bit everyday. Remember, what has to come to you, will come at the right time, when it's supposed to. Hoping, expecting or craving is not going to get that day here any faster. Two years will remain two years. Two months will remain two months. Two weeks will remain two weeks. And two days will still be two days. Killing yourself over it is not going to change that. Saying it in your head over and over again is not going to somehow magically give you what you want, at that exact second. Oh no my friend, the world is going to torture you, slowly and painfully. It's going to make you hate yourself at times. But you want to know the best part? When that day gets here, oh yes, when that one fated day gets here, it is ALL going to be worth it. And at that moment, you will be glad that you lived your life until then, free of hope and expectations, because that very instant? It is going to be so wonderful, that you couldn't even have begun to do justice to it.
I conclude and tell you to just....wait. And be patient. That day will come. It will.

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