Monday, August 9, 2010

I've only JUST discovered I have a fetish for notebooks. Now, I'm not talking about those boring, unattractive ones that you want to avoid writing in and throw away on account of how unappealing they are in terms of visual appearance. No. I'm talking about those colourful-draw-your-attention kind of notebooks. The ones you just HAVE to have the moment you lay your eyes on them. Those just make me happy.
Anyway, after this sudden realization, I made a rough estimation of how many I own and there were easily over a 25! And you'd think I'd have this certain fancy for an item of stationary figured out a long time ago. Oh well, now, I have another thing to add to my already long list of potential birthday/Christmas presents.

Let me just tell you, it excites me. The idea of fancy notebooks I mean.

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