Friday, August 13, 2010

This song 'Club can't handle me' by Flo Rida is such a feel good song, I tell you.

Until twenty minutes ago, I wasn't in good spirits. Mind you, I had every reason not to be. For one, it's a Friday night and I'm stuck at home. When I say that I do not mean that I have to go out every Friday, I just mean I had somewhere to go this Friday and ended up not going. Why you ask? Well, say hi to my wonderful parents. My extremely understanding mother rather, who believes that the only way I will listen is if she detracts my already restricted freedom. Let me tell you, it doesn't work. In fact, it only results in me becoming more of an arrogant rebel. Of course, that is not to say I'm proud of being such an unregenerate person or anything. Anyway, after being lectured and all of that jazz, I turned to my faithful friend. Food. See, this is why losing weight is SUCH a pain. I mean bingeing is only the best cure for every problem in the world. Or so I thought until I had too much chocolate and had to keep from throwing up. Then I sat down to watch Glee. What could possibly go wrong now I asked myself. Twenty minutes into the sing song sit com and it started to rain, which resulted in some 'signal' issue and hence a completely blank, blue screen (bloody Tata Sky I tell you). I got up in a huff and decided to get on facebook only to be greeted by some stupid suggestion that said something about 'connecting' with a certain someone. It's like hello, I know you're trying to help, but can you just mind your own freakin' business and NOT tell me who to try and re-establish contact with? (God, the irony a social networking website can rub in your face!)

At this point, I figured a little music would help to calm my tempestuous mental frame. Which is when I found this song and instantly felt better. In fact, I started to smile and did a little happy jig which went on to become  a full on fist-pumping-jumpy-type-dance. I know, I know, I'm so fickle you want to shoot me. Hell, I'm so fickle, I want to shoot me.

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