Sunday, August 22, 2010

- I want a Blackberry. Like very badly. Except how would ginger sound for a name?

- I love Questionable Content! It is so funny and witty and awesome. Although I can't seem to understand why Marten and Faye haven't hooked up yet. I mean their chemistry is so evidently there. Why they are just sitting around doing nothing about it is, frankly, beyond me.

- OMFG I just read the funniest thing ever.

Blue robot: Hey, I had a really good time the other night.
Pink robot: Aww, I did too!
Blue robot: I just wanted to say that you're the awesomest lady robot I've ever met!
Pink robot: WHAT? I'm not a lady, I'm a dude!
Blue robot: But-but you're pink! And we..we..oh God.
Pink robot: I THOUGHT YOU KNEW! Also it is SOOO sexist of you to assume that I'm female just because I'm pink. OMFG.
Blue robot: Sorry! I'm just kind of shocked! I mean, I didn't know!
Pink robot: Whatever, that is NO excuse. Don't IM me again, jerk.
Blue robot: But
                  [awesomePC1998 has signed off]
Blue robot: Shit.

Hahahahahahahaha. I know, I know the entire concept of robots having a conversation is completely ludicrous.

- I'm still laughing.

- Okay. I'm done.

- My stupid enter key is not working. It is proving to be quite a pain, as using the cursor etc is just SO painful.

- I have a craving for Lindt white chocolate truffles. Yes. Writing the entire thing is necessary as I will not settle for anything other than THAT. Which is just as well as either way, I'm not even getting any.

- I started saying 'sigh' out loud to annoy people. And now it seems to have stuck.Which is plain scary.

- Ihatehim. Okay, atleast I'm trying to.Whyyyy is it so hard?

- I painted my nails green and black because Gulli said it would be damn 'psychedelic'. Haha.

- I am officially in love with Poker. I can't wait to get good at it. 

- Okay. That's all for today.

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