Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We do not know how to just let things be.

We demand an explanation for everything. We want instantaneous answers. We seek solace in logic and sense. And when these desired requisites are not met? We build theories. We start these theories to pay heed to our yearning thoughts.We start them because we don't know what else to do. We conjure these disturbing possibilities because atleast that way, we feel a little less clueless. Surely, before long, they are blown out of proportion to the extent that they play on our minds ALL the time.

 I wish to save you from this dark pit of unhappiness, that once you fall into, you will (probably) never get out of. So here's the thing about theories. They are most often based on assumption, negativity and pessimism. And they invariably lull you into presuming the very worst. When you don't know what's happening, sure it sucks, you throw a few tantrums, you obsess over it for a brief period but then you let it go. You let it go because to dwell over the endless possibilities is simply, lets face it, stupid. In fact, you need to let it go in order to get on with your life. Now, for those persistent ones that find it hard to do so (myself included)? Try and see that beating yourself up about it is going to get you nowhere. In fact it will probably end up clouding your judgement, even when that much awaited answer does present itself (eventually). Sometimes, some things are best left unsaid. Sometimes, you are kept in the dark for a reason. Sometimes, it's the world's funny way of bringing it to you, the longer way. (Notice how much nicer it is to accept these endless possibilities?)

I'm reminded of something I once read. "In everything uniformity is undesirable. Leaving something incomplete makes it interesting, and gives on the feeling that there is room for growth."

Next time you are frazzled and begin that exhausting theory-building process, stop and remember that some things are worth the wait.

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