Tuesday, September 14, 2010

College is an annoying place to be in.
 You drag yourself out of bed every morning, make your way around stumbling, sometimes falling, go about your daily cleansing routine and manage to get decent clothes on (note: has to cover your ass and show as little skin as possible). You then shove something that resembles food down your throat (usually) and you leave home picturing that bed and all the sleep you just missed out on. You reach the lane, wonderfully green and lush on both sides, and try to look forward to what lies at the end of it. You look at the last two men you will probably see for a good three hours and you enter the big black gates they are made to 'guard'. Almost at once, you are overwhelmed by the sea of faces (of the same sex). I mean, it seems the entire female population of our city is locked up in this place called college. Anyway, being too sleepy to care any longer, you walk your way through all the noisy, chirpy girls (i mean HOW do they do it) and sit on the calming sliver benches I like to call home. You then feel a little more awake as you strain your eyes to scrutinize and form silent judgement of all the strange girls who walk by. By this time, you spot your two favorite faces and being sleep deprived and all that other bullshit takes a backseat. You bitch, loudly this time and pass time until that fateful bell rings so loudly you almost jump. You climb all those stairs and get to your first class. You take your time to walk to the end of the classroom, I mean come on, nobody wants to sit at that back of the class right? Wrong. You sit down, pull out your cell phone, read a book, talk and hide behind all those people sitting in front of you and before you know it 12:30 is here! Now, you are starving to death.You run out of class, find food and eat like you haven't seen food in ages. You sit on the silver benches and bitch some more and then when the bell sounds, you return to your stuffy class. By this time, all that sleep you need to make up for, catches up with you.You sit through the last few classes, with your eyes half closed, subconsciously hoping and praying that time will move a little faster. And then, the minute you hear scrambling feet, your eyes snap open and you feel free.
Yes, this is a pretty apt account of my life in college.

Now, the part after we exit those horrid black gates? That's a completely different thing. Achu, Bee and me hold hands, walk and laugh the entire time. Sometimes, we run and do stupid things. Sometimes, we stand under random buildings while its raining and do the hustle while cursing every person we know. Sometimes, we plan out our legend..wait for it..ary (haha) scams and put it to practice, other times we drink fountain coke. Almost everyday, we argue with an auto guy. And almost everyday, we win that argument. That walk outside, until that ruddy main road? That's the best part of my day.
The part after we exit those horrid black gates? That's the part I'm always going to remember.

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