Monday, September 6, 2010

So, I finally got that blackberry I wanted. My bbm hasn't been activated yet and that really annoys me. You'd think a new phone I don't really deserve would be enough, but no. Trust me to never be content. There, I admitted it. And no, of course I'm not proud of how nothing seems to quench my longing for more.

 The very first thing I did before I got a new phone was to transfer every single message from my old phone onto my treasured orange pen drive. I don't know what it is about me and having this obsessive need to save things. It's like I just don't want to delete an old message (that probably means nothing now), because in some odd way, I feel I'll forget that moment. Forget the situation and the relevance the message held/holds. Forget the very person who sent it to me. Strange as it may seem, I have this NEED to hold onto things (quite obviously) even if the object in question is some stupid text message I got two years ago. No, I am not insane, I assure you. As already mentioned, I just have issues with forgetting.

Ever got a message that just made you swell with happiness? Ever had an unbelievably fun day and taken just ONE picture? Ever met the most incredible person who only left you with a string of complements and nothing else (not even a phone number, damn the stupid *beep*)? Ever been on the best date ever and saved a bill? Ever passed notes in class that made you forget about everything except getting that note across without getting caught? Ever read a book with brilliant/inspiring lines or laughed so hard at something your friend said? Well, whether you admit it or not, we have ALL been there. What's probably different between you and me is that you would've forgotten all about it. Eventually. I on the other hand, save that message, hold onto that picture, remember those compliments, keep that bill, preserve those notes, write down those lines and quote those people. Finally, when the above takes up too much space on my computer I save it all on my hot as hell orange pen drive (sorry, the adjectives were totally out of context, I know). Or start a new book when the old one gets over. Sometimes I sit and read through all those texts, lines, quotes, notes and look at those pictures even if it happens to be for the nth time. I'm aware I sound obsessed. And a little scary to those of you who aren't concerned with details or aren't bothered about holding onto for keepsake. What can I say? Guess that's just who I am.

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