Monday, October 18, 2010

I had the perfect Sunday evening.
The persistent rain actually pushed me off my chair and made me cook, as opposed to the usual effect it has on me (I refuse to discuss the latter in detail seeing as how this is going to be a happy blog). I chopped onions and made various estimations (purely food related) and hummed to myself. It was only when I stopped to observe the colour of my tomato puree that I realized how its true about what they say: Cooking indeed takes your mind off everything. For that brief period, it's just spices, fragrances and you concentrating on getting the perfect result. Ah, bliss. After that, I put on Colonial Cousins (you gotta love them), grabbed my pastels and tried to do justice to the A3 size paper that  needs to be framed and hung on my Aunt's wall. Then, before long, it was time for the HBO 9pm movie! (Yes, Sunday night movies really excite me.) The movie, 'Julie and Julia', was quite entertaining really. You should watch it. I leanrt a few interesting things about cooking and saw a lot of good (and extremely appealing) food. I was reminded how brilliant Meryl Streep is. And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only is your blog read by other people, but if you're lucky, you get recognized and receive offers to be published. Not that this is ever going to happen in my case, but I was merely stating the possibility (which lets face it, is quite dim. Even for a fantasy). Oh and before I forget, I would like to add that throughout the movie, I received a string of complements regarding my plat de riz. Ha.
Now, I'm drinking port wine and feeling content. A perfect end to my perfect Sunday evening, I'd say.

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