Monday, October 11, 2010

So, in my previous blog I wrote about how I need to know things in order to get on with life.

Life however, is not very empathizing of one's needs.
It seems to go one way and then decides to changes its course (I mean, hello, it's called prior warning?). It chases the unplanned and conjures the unexpected. And then of course, there is Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect and other random theories (they actually make sense) that disturb your perfectly stable surroundings and leaves you in, lets face it, a complete mess. This aberration, this doubt, this disturbance is what causes great alarm to those of us (surely, I can't be alone in this respect) who live with caution and prevision.
Just today, I was thinking of the number of things I've done without over thinking and scrutinizing my decision. And well, I couldn't even think of one (which should come as no surprise really, considering). I actually think this is one of the reasons I like being intoxicated. Just the thrill of living like you want to, saying what you want to and believing what you want to. Plus there's that feeling of being so light headed, you can probably rule the world. Okay, I think I'm being led astray by the image of the glass of elixir that is slowly forming in my head.
Coming back to my point, yes, I have one. If we know for a fact that there will be change, there will be instances where we will be caught off guard and there will be unexpected, maybe we should just let go of those reigns we hold onto so tightly and STOP trying to control everything. Maybe, we should learn to embrace the unforeseen. Maybe, we should learn to live a little.

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