Monday, November 8, 2010

'Addiction is the hallmark of every infatuation-based love story. It all begins when the object of your adoration bestows upon you a heady, hallucinogenic dose of something you never even dared to admit that you wanted- an emotional speedball, perhaps, of thunderous love and roiling excitement. Soon you start craving that intense attention, with the hungry obsession of any junkie. When the drug is withheld you promptly turn sick, crazy and depleted (not to mention resentful of the dealer who encouraged this addiction in the first place but who now refuses to pony up the good stuff anymore- despite the fact that you know he has it hidden somewhere, goddamn it, because he used to give it to you for free). Next stage finds you skinny and shaking in a corner, certain only that you would sell your soul or rob your neighbours just to have that thing even one more time. Meanwhile, the object of your adoration has now become repulsed by you. He looks at you like you're someone he's never met before, much less someone he once loved with high passion. The irony is, you can hardly blame him. I mean, check yourself out. You're a pathetic mess, unrecognizable even to your own eyes. So that's it. You have now reached infatuation's final destination- the complete and merciless devaluation of self.'

The following excerpt is from 'eat pray love'. Why, you ask, did I choose to type the entire thing out (besides the obvious fact that I'm extremely jobless)? You know how sometimes, when you're reading or watching something and instantly connect to what is being said? Yes, this is one of those things. If only I had the gift to write like that, I'd be a best selling author.
I've had a draggy couple of weeks. The usual exams and the dark circles that compliment it, among other things. Not to forget the horrible 21 rule that requires a life of abstinence or a fake ID. The only highlight of my extremely dark and foggy two weeks appeared in the form of a red, shiny new car (which I need to learn to drive, although that's besides the point) Then of course, there was Akshu's birthday that came like a breath of fresh air (It's really amazing what a party full of familiar faces, alcohol and leaves can do to you). Oh and I painted my bathroom wall, painstakingly, for a good 5 hours. My mother proudly said that it's probably the only thing I have ever done with a fair amount of diligence (so not true). Soon Diwali got here, except hey, I was in some emergency room with two injections shoved in my hands. Painkillers, they claimed. Why does my health decide to fail me at the absolute worst time, I do not know.
Anyway, that's been my life so far. Lucky for me, distraction in the form of eat pray love has come to keep me occupied for the next few days, so I reckon things are starting to look up :)

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