Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My little sister is growing up too soon.
It seems like just yesterday, she was so small, running around with a fringe and strange looking bloomers and now boom! She's taller than me and she has a mind of her own. It's unnerving really, this older-sister instinct I didn't know I possessed until now (really it's so bad, I could kill). I find myself eavesdropping on her conversations, looking over her shoulder while she chats with 'Turkey' and constantly  chiding her (sometimes for no reason). I think this part of me just wants her to be the little studying nerd who didn't care that men existed and didn't care when a phone rang. Seeing as to how I have this rosy (wishful of course) picture in my head, you can imagine how taken aback I was when she said "leave me alone and let me live my life". Although, the next instant, she did come and press my arm and ask me if I loved her. Haha, if only she knew. I guess that's the funny thing about time. It sneaks up on you and really makes you wonder how on earth you're going to control a teenager (God knows that's going to be a task). I think my cousins will be thrilled to know that I have finally gotten how it feels. On this depressing note, I'm going to go find something to do. Maybe I'll go be a controlling/pain in the ass sister. Just so, you know, I can hang around and watch her. And maybe replace that tiny brat I once saw with a bigger/taller (need I mention more challenging?) one.

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